Convert PDF to Text in PHP

I’m using the PDF parser from It is one of the easiest and most accurate PDF parser. You can download it from


  • This library requires PHP 5.3.
  • PDFParser is built on top of TCPDF parser.
  • This library will be automatically downloaded through Composer command line.

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Inspiration to move

Drawing of Louise doing side planking in her workout class

For those who are saying that they do not like doing sports, I think it is not that you don’t like but rather, you have not found a sports that you love, you have not found an inspiration to move, you do not want to commit, or sports is not a priority in your life.

There are too many sports, fitness/workout, dance classes, and more. Don’t stop discovering and exploring! Perhaps one day you would discover that the sports you are so afraid of joining turns out to be the one you love.

For me, I was very bad at sports and I couldn’t even do a proper push-up so I had never thought I’d be able to do side planking – but I did it after 2 months! It was a proud moment in my life that I was so touched and almost teared. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to go on but I’ve never thought of giving up. I hope my friends also find something that they love to do. There is more to life than work.

Be open-minded and accept the challenges. Only then will you be amazed by how a sports can affect your life. Just know that as long as you are willing to do it, nothing stands in your way.

Sore muscles today, stronger me tomorrow!

Drawings of Louise in her workout classesright

I’m so happy that I found something I like to do. I discover and understand myself better every year. Learning and doing things that the old me didn’t.

I’m so proud of myself and in high fulfillment when I did the exercises that I thought I couldn’t do or I really couldn’t do few weeks back but I kept trying and pushing beyond my limits. One golden rule is never give up!

I’m also so thankful that I met my instructor!