Goodbye 2017!

I hardly do a full speech of my new year resolution but 2017 is a sentimental year. This year is my first full year working after graduation. It’s a new experience and I learnt a lot from being a working adult. I am thankful that I have many friends, new friends and colleagues-who-turned-friends. I hope in 2018, these friendships continue and become stronger.

This year, my manager left and that affected me awhile. But because of that incident, I learnt a lot and did things that I never thought I’d be able to. I discovered that I truly love doing programming. When I talk to my friends about my work, it is always about my problem-solving skills, accomplishment (and boss). Doing what you love is a blessing. In 2018, I hope that my passion continues to grow and learning never stops.

This year, dearest Russell left us. I’ve known best friend’s ah dog for more than a decade. I have photos of him more than best friend and I and he was like a friend to my pets. In 2018, it will be a different year without him but let’s cope and do it well. We still have each other to grow old together and become cute grandmas.

This year, I am especially grateful to my family. They have always been my faithful listening ears. Many times I was stuck at work but I know they are there to support me. My siblings showed me that I don’t have to be the only pillar as they can take up the role too. In 2018, I will work towards being an even more magnanimous sister, buy more good food, and sponsor more things for our nest.

This year, I’ve travelled to two countries. I hope in 2018, I will earn more and save more so that I can go even further to see the World.

In 2018, I also hope to watch more movies, start reading again, eat more good food, have a healthy lifestyle, and be healthy. All in all, I hope that the new year will be even more awesome than the past year!

How to read XML file using PHP

  1. file_to_read.xml – Data in XML format.
    		<title>Data Analyst</title>
    		<title>Business Support Manager</title>
    		<title>Application Engineer</title>
  2. read_xml_file.php – A PHP file to read and print XML content.
    $url = "";
    // Convert an XML file into a SimpleXMLElement object
    $xml = simplexml_load_file($url);
    foreach($xml->children() as $val) {
    	$job_url = "";
    	if ($val->link != "") {
    		// In the XML file, link is a SimpleXMLElement Object
    		// Convert SimpleXMLElement Object to array
    		$val->link = preg_replace('~//<!\[CDATA\[\s*|\s*//\]\]>~', '', $val->link);
    		$job_url_array = array((string) $val->link);
    		$job_url = $job_url_array[0];
    	if ($val->title != "") {
    		// In the XML file, title is a variable
    		echo "Title: " . $val->title . "<br />";
    	// Output:
    	// Data Analyst
    	// Business Support Manager
    	// Application Engineer