Veg-Only Yuzu Poke Bowl

DIY Veg-Only Yuzu Poke Bowl

Made a poke bowl with the leftover ingredients.

Using mini romaine as the base, red onion, ume, avocado with big lime and black pepper, edamame, baby carrots, Italy provolone cheese, mashed tomatoes, olive oil (spray), and yuzu concentrated juice that I just bought from Meidi-ya.

Hmm what I’m missing here is cubed salmon sashimi. Nonetheless, it’s still very tasty and refreshing! Someone describes today’s meal as noice! 😀  Continue reading “Veg-Only Yuzu Poke Bowl”

My favourite foods to eat in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese food is something I can’t have enough of; my all-time favourite food is none other than sushi and sashimi. I crave for them almost every one or two weeks. I can never get bored of Japanese food. Hence, Japan is one of my favourite countries to visit. If you are like me or have similar palate, I bet you will fall for Japanese food deeply as much as I do. ❤  Continue reading “My favourite foods to eat in Tokyo, Japan”

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji Inner Market vs Outer Market: Tsukiji Fish Market consists of 2 sections – Inner Market and Outer Market (see Tsukiji Fish Market map at Tuna auction and the famous restaurants are located in the Inner Market. Operations start as early as 5am and end in the early afternoon. On the other hand, crowds of Tsukiji Outer Market start later and there are shops selling ramen, sushi, light foods/snacks, groceries, kitchen tools, supplies etc. It is very crowded around Tsukiji. Do be on your guard so you don’t end up getting hit by a fish cart. Continue reading “Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan”

Food recommendations in Seoul, South Korea

Restaurants in Seoul: Do note that majority of the restaurants’ signboard are in Korean words and it would be useful to remember or take note of the restaurants’ name in Korean. All Korean restaurants serve side dishes, including but not limited to, kimchi, pickled radish, or seaweed soup for free. The side dishes varies depending on the type of restaurant you dine in. Continue reading “Food recommendations in Seoul, South Korea”