Hello readers,

I am the author of this blog who is known as ruiicheese. It comes from ruiichi which is translated from my name. That is how the domain name came about too. I am a Singaporean who is born in the 90s and a graduate from SMU Information Systems.

I blog about my oh-so-interesting life, thoughts, interests, and anything that amuses me. My interests span across anime, beauty, food, games and technology, reading, shopping, travel, and more.

Travelling around the World makes me realized how fortunate I am and how much I actually love Singapore. After my solo backpacking trip to Japan, I aim to explore the World one step at a time. I hope my blog brings inspiration to someone out there reading it.

Please leave a comment if you wish to communicate with me. Alternatively, you can follow me on Instagram.

With that, thank you for reading my blog and have fun knowing me. ^^

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