Food recommendations in Seoul, South Korea

Restaurants in Seoul: Do note that majority of the restaurants’ signboard are in Korean words and it would be useful to remember or take note of the restaurants’ name in Korean. All Korean restaurants serve side dishes, including but not limited to, kimchi, pickled radish, or seaweed soup for free. The side dishes varies depending on the type of restaurant you dine in.

Eating etiquette: Do not hold the rice bowl or soup bowl in your hand during the meal. At the end of the meal, say 잘 먹었습니다 jal meok-eoss-seum-ni-da, which means “Thank you for the meal. I ate well”, before leaving the place.

BBQ @ Wangbijib 왕비집

BBQ at Wangbijib 왕비집

BBQ at Wangbijib 왕비집

They have beef, pork, and other cooked foods here. We ordered 2 plates of assorted pork, samgyeopsal (pork belly), seafood pancake, doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew), which comes with a bowl of rice, for 3 very hungry people and they cost 76,500 won (SGD$90.50). There were too many side dishes accompanied such as kimchi, pickled radish, beansprouts, caesar salad, lettuces, garlic, and whatnot. Not to worry about ordering as the menu is in English (only the dish names) and some of the servers can speak Mandarin. The service was great and they helped us to cook all the meats. 😀 I’d say it is reasonable for the amount of food we had and the price we paid. Do note that it may be difficult to find the restaurant as it is located on level 2 and the signboard is in Korean.

Wangbijib 왕비집
Myeongdong Main Store. 2F. 26, Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul. Nearest station: Line 4 Myeongdong 안산역 Exit 9.
11.30am – 11pm daily.
Websites: WangbijibVisitKorea

Soy sauce raw crabs @ Pro Ganjang Gejang 프로간장게장

Soy sauce crabs at Pro Ganjang Gejang 프로간장게장

The ganjang-gejang (raw crabs marinated in soy sauce) were raw and quite salty but filled with ample of roe. The deep-fried soft shell crabs and seaweed soup were very, very delicious! We had 3 small soy sauce female raw crabs, 1 plate of deep-fried soft shell crabs, 2 bowls of rice, 1 steamed egg and they cost 140,000 won (SGD$165.70) for 3 pax. The portion of steamed egg was big but tasted average. Despite ganjang-gejang is the famous dish, I prefer the deep-fried version of crab as I don’t have the habit of eating raw crab. But it was worth a try, especially when you mixed the rice with the crabs’ roe on the shell to eat. The restaurant is easy to spot and it is located in Garosu-gil area where all the hipster cafes are.

Pro Ganjang Gejang 프로간장게장
9, Gangnam-daero 97-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul. Nearest station: Line 3 Sinsa station 신사역 Exit 4. Walk straight & turn right at the next corner. Go along Gangnam-daero 97 gil until you see Pro Ganjang Gejang on the left side.
Opens 24 hours daily.
Website: VisitKorea

Jajangmyeon delivery

Jajangmyeon, jjampong, tangsuyuk, and gunmandu

We ordered jajangmyeon delivery, which included jajangmyeon (noodles in Black Bean Sauce), jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup), tangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy pork), gunmandu (fried dumplings), with the help of our accommodation’s receptionist. If you can read basic Korean, you can also order food delivery via the mobile app called Yojiyo. They have all kinds of food for delivery. Unlike what I had in Beijing, the jajangmyeon was not salty at all while the jjampong comes with many seafood and was really good. I liked both of them! The gunmandu was average and the tangsuyuk was not crispy. It was a hearty late dinner to fill our empty stomachs. They cost 33,000 won (SGD$39) inclusive delivery fee of 10,000 won.

Jeju green tea @ O’sulloc Tea House 오설록티하우스 – 명동점

Jeju green tea & cakes at O'sulloc Tea House 오설록티하우스 - 명동점

This is the famous Jeju green tea place to go for green tea and cakes and there are many outlets in Seoul. The popular green tea roll is 5,000 won (SGD$5.90) but I prefer the black green tea roll which is less sweet. We spent 19,000 won (SGD$22.50) for the 3 cakes and a hot green tea latte as shown in the photo. Additionally, I bought their Sejak tea leaves pack home at 40,000 won (SGD$47.40) and the tea leaves are really of good quality. You can drop by the Insadong outlet at Anguk station as it is bigger with 2 storeys and they have tasting session once in a while.

O’sulloc Tea House 오설록티하우스 – 명동점
47-1 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. Nearest station: Line 2 Euljiro 1-ga station 을지로입구역 Exit 5 or Line 4 Myeongdong station 안산역 Exit 9. Located near KFC.
9am – 10.30pm on Sunday – Thursday. 9am – 11pm on Friday and Saturday.
Website: VisitKorea

Chimaek @ Two Two Chicken 22치킨

Chimaek (Fried Chicken & Beer) at Two Two Chicken 22치킨

Decent chimaek (fried chicken and beer) here and the best part is it opens till midnight making it a good place for supper. Try the spicy chicken meats priced at 18,000 won (SGD$21.30) and deep-fried drumlets at 17,000 won (SGD$20.10). The spicy chicken meats were more sweet than spicy. The tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) was good too but portion was too big for us and it was ridiculously expensive at 15,000 won (SGD$17.75). We spent 57,000 won (SGD$67.50) for 3 pax for the meal.

Two Two Chicken 22치킨
Nearest station: Line 2 Euljiro 1-ga station 을지로입구역 Exit 5 or Line 4 Myeongdong station 안산역 Exit 9. Located behind O’sulloc Tea House, Myeongdong and it is on the right street where Paris Baguette is. There is another outlet in Myeongdong area as well at 6-4 Namsandong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. Myeongdong station Exit 3.
10am – midnight daily.

Breads and pastries @ Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

There are countless of Paris Baguette in Seoul. I didn’t find my favourite chestnut sliced bread but I tried the fried curry bread, donut, crab meat sandwiches and they were as good. 19,000 won (SGD$22.50) for the breads and sweet potato latte as shown in the photo. It was expensive due to the crab meat sandwiches and latte. The sweet potato latte and cookies and cream macaron ice cream (not in the photo) are highly recommended. They also sell traditional pastries gift sets.

Paris Baguette Euljiro 3-ga
Nearest station: Line 2 Euljiro 3-ga station 을지로3가역. Located underground near Exit 6.

BBQ Buffet @ Meat-ing Meat & Fresh Salad BBQ Buffet 미팅 고기뷔페

Meat-ing Meat & Fresh Salad BBQ Buffet 미팅 고기뷔페 at Hongdae

Another BBQ place to recommend. It is located in Hongdae and the duration for dinner buffet is 1.5 hours long. The food was not bad and you can try different meats and cooked foods since it is a buffet. Of course, the quality is not as good as Wangbijib 왕비집 but it is a good enough place to eat BBQ to our hearts’ content for the price we paid. Try the marinated pork and my favourite pumpkin salad!

Meat-ing Meat & Fresh Salad BBQ Buffet 미팅 고기뷔페
Nearest station: Line 2 Hongik University station 홍대입구역 Exit 9. Located near KFC and Forever 21 buildings.
10.30am – 4pm daily (Lunch): 12,500 won per pax, 4pm – 12am daily (Dinner): 13,900 won per pax.

Samgyetang @ Tosokchon 토속촌

Samgyetang at Tosokchon 토속촌

The famous traditional samgyetang (ginseng chicken) restaurant in Seoul is conveniently located near Gyeongbokgung palace making it an ideal place to dine in after sightseeing. It is easy to find due to the Bukchon hanok-looking entrance. The free side dishes include kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), which was very crunchy, and kimchi was spicy but not too over. They were perfect to go with the bland ginseng soup. The samgyetang here was not bad and you can’t go wrong with it but honestly, there is nothing fancy about except for the side dishes. 67,000 won (SGD$79.30) for 2 samgyetang with cultured wild ginseng roots and 1 black samgyetang. Don’t order the samgyetang with additional cultured wild ginseng roots as there is already a small ginseng in the samgyetang and the roots were actually some chopped pieces. One thing to note is that you need to remove your shoes and sit on the floor as the dining table is the traditional low table with no chair.

Tosokchon 토속촌
5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil Jongno-gu, Seoul. Nearest station: Line 3 Gyeongbokgung station 경복궁역 Exit 2.
10am – 10pm daily.
Website: VisitKorea

Bingsu and injeolmi toast @ Korean Dessert Sulbing 설빙

Bingsu and Injeolmi Toast at Korean Dessert Sulbing 설빙

A place to go for dessert and they have many outlets in Seoul. We tried injeolmi bingsu and injeolmi toast (rice cake sandwich toast) at 11,500 won (SGD$13.60). It was messy to eat injeolmi. I don’t really like traditional bingsu as the shaved ice is left without any topping halfway through so it is almost tasteless (the taste of ice). I don’t recommend the injeolmi bingsu; you should try other kinds of bingsu. The injeolmi toast was nice though.

Korean Dessert Sulbing 설빙
South Korea, Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Changcheon-dong, 31-45. Nearest station: Line 2 Sinchon station 신촌역 Exit 1.
10.30am – 10.30pm daily.

Korean porridge @ Migabon Restaurant 미가본 (味加本)

Korean porridge at Migabon Restaurant 미가본 (味加本)

A famous Korean porridge place and the environment was serene. Each porridge comes with 4 side dishes and a hard-boiled egg. We had the recommended pine mushroom and abalone porridge at 15,000 won (SGD$18) each and it tasted average though the texture was very smooth. Go there if you want to eat something light or to try the Korean kind of porridge.

Migabon Restaurant 미가본 (味加本)
2F, 2-23, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. Nearest station: Line 4 Myeongdong station 안산역 Exit 8. 5 mins walk and it is located opposite Citibank.
8am – 10pm daily.

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